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How To Start a Disruption Business with the Attention Economy featuring Helene Hall

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What do you do when you've got an idea that challenges what everyone else is using?

What do you do when people are saying you just won't be able to do what you want in the timescale you've set?

Well, if you're Helene Hall, you take a deep breath, check in with your own plans and just forge ahead.

We hear the ups and downs of securing Angel Funding, how to keep going and make sure you look after yourself as you create and grow a business that challenges the existing giants in your industry.

A truly inspiring story, and also, Helene has only just started.

About Helene Hall

Helene is the founder and CEO of Earneco and shares her vision for her company…

“I have a big vision for Earneco. In the future with our full roadmap we want to empower and create freedom for our community, from what they already have. Starting first with our attention which is one of our most valued assets. In the current system, consumers are not rewarded financially for their participation in the marketplace. Their attention is sold from platforms to brands without the control of the consumer and without being rewarded. Earneco changes this, and enables them to take control, earn money from their attention, learn about new products that interest them and transparently communicate for a Win/Win in a new C2B world.”

Helene shared some of her insights and a few pearls of wisdom, such as allowing yourself to dream and of course, a couple of productivity tips. There’s a real gem in there as well!

Connect with Earneco at and find Helene on Linkedin

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